About Us

Trust and Transparency

We have been in the market for over 12 years and we work with total transparency, this is what creates trust with our customers.

Local Knowledge

If you need help getting to know the area, we will be happy to help advise on the best places to visit.

Fresh Summer

Traveling in the summer can be refreshing, as all our vehicles are air-conditioned for smooth journeys.

Parking and Tolls

Travel with peace of mind using Via Verde, in this way it facilitates the payment of porticos and paid parking spaces.

Do you have babies or children?

We have chairs to be able to take your children with you, safely and complying with legal parameters.

Additional Services

Talk to us

Temos parcerias e conhecimentos locais para um apoio total à sua estadia, fale connosco.

Car Rental

How it works?

Find the perfect car for you

Among dozens of vehicles and several options, you can choose the one that best suits what you want.

Know where you're going

We suggest that you always inform yourself beforehand about places to visit and plan your trip, but you can also ask our team for help.

Travel with 0% deductible insurance

Do you want to be completely relaxed? Just take out insurance with a 0% deductible and go on your way, without worrying about anything else.

Who Are


We have been established in the automotive market for over 12 years with the main function of serving our customers well. We started out in the field of buying and selling used cars and have always focused on a differentiated after-sales service suited to each of our customers.

All our vehicles are national.


In addition to buying and selling cars, we have other services such as:

  • Car warranties
  • Auto insurance and others
  • Rent-a-car & car rental
  • Financing
  • Leasing